A Whole Lotta Love for Everyone

Chocolate, champagne, and PDA all around! Valentine’s day is here!

Whether you take this day to be with your significant other, or your friends and family, it’s one of the greatest days of the year.
Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, February 14th has been a special day for many years. Way back when in the 18th Century, the day was first associated with love, through the new-found tradition of courtly love. Courtly love, for those of us that may not know, is the practice of showing your love for someone, by presenting flowers, greeting cards, and confectionery (sound familiar?).

But let’s move past the boring history of what we now know as the overly hallmark-esque holiday that Valentine’s Day is. The toughest thing to look for on the days leading up to V Day (besides a boyfriend or a girlfriend), is what to do. Yes, there’s always the traditional dinner and a movie. But would you peg me as a traditional kind of girl? Yeah, didn’t think so. Luckily for you (probably not so luckily for my boyfriend), I’ve found some cool things to do in Boston, not only on the 14th, but the days leading up to it as well. If this gets your significant other to buy some extra gifts for you, then you’re welcome.

Cooking Demo at Pantry: Valentine’s Day Survival: February 6th, 2:30-3:30pm. Free.

Are you one of those people that steps into the kitchen, and your partner suddenly shudders? Do you burn corn flakes? I’ve found the event for you. Surprise your fearful partner by taking cooking classes this upcoming weekend! It’s free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Between tasting some passion fruit & mascarpone mousse, while sipping on some rightfully paired wines, you’ll be learning to make Glazed Hanger Steak with melted leeks and harissa-carrot salad. Even vegetarians and vegans will be running to take this class. Register now!

Elusive Cupid Valentine’s Day Run: February 14th, 9-10am. Free.

For those of us that can’t get enough work outs in, and won’t even take Valentine’s Day off, here’s an activity for you. Starting at 9am, you’ll join Mizuno’s rep Katie on a 3 mile run through Chestnut Hill. I know on Valentine’s Day you should be allowed to eat all the chocolate you want, so don’t worry. True Runner, the athletics store located on Boylston on Chestnut Hill, will be serving breakfast and refreshments once you’re back. 3 miles couldn’t end soon enough, am I right? Get your blood pumping here.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Class: February 11th, 6pm. $35.

Shout out to all my makeup fanatics! The class is Valentine’s Day themed, but honestly why not just take it for fun? The owner of the M.A.W. Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio will be demonstrating two Valentine’s Day inspired looks: one, a bright, clean eye with a bold lip, and the second a smoky eye. If you ask me, you won’t just be using these on V Day, so go for it. Test out your contouring skills here.

Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Desserts: February 5th, 6-7pm. $15.

Unless you have Celiac Disease, you really shouldn’t be eating anything that’s gluten-free; but there’s one exception. When Whole Foods is putting on a class, with poached pears, chocolate soufflés, and madeleines on the menu, go all sorts of gluten-free. With wine samples included during the one hour class, you’ll be sure to expand your gluten-free recipe box from flourless chocolate cake, to so much else. Don’t be afraid, test your inner Julia Child.

You may refer to February 14th as Valentine’s Day, or as Single Awareness Day – whatever you call it, there are so many things to keep you busy. Break out of the boring old dinner and a movie, and whip out your makeup brushes and whisks. You know what they say: YOLO.

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